AVET/CENTAUR Rod/Reel/Braid TUNA Combo

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AVET/CENTAUR Rod/Reel/Braid TUNA Combo - 400000231242


REEL - AVET JX 6:0 G2 SILVER - RIGHT HAND REEL Introducing the new G2 Generation Two series from Avet Reels Available in Neptunes Heart limited edition color combo The G2 is a new series to fill in the line class gap between the originals and the Raptors The G2 Single speeds answer the demand for single speed reels with more drag output Avet has received many requests over the years for single speed Raptors Although not quite as powerful the Raptor drags the 40 increase in drag output over the originals should fit the bill nicely Features 40 more drag output bridging the line class gap between Avets Original series and Raptor series Re-designed frame new refined look and feel Ratcheting glide platelever system with positive stop at strike position and button release to advance to full drag Faceted knurled drag knob and lever grip provides a positive grip and tactile feel Refined silent reliable dog and gear anti-reverse system with more gear teeth and minimal handle back-play Increased line capacities over Avets Original series allowing generous space for appropriate larger line classes/ Proudly made in the USA

ROD - CENTAUR Constellation Jigging Rod 213JIG-53BL5'3" - Color: Yellow

LINE - DAIWA J-BRAID MULTI 65lb-400 yards with Berkley backing and a Fluoro 20' 80lb Leader


Note: Rod/Reel Combos are an oversized item and will incur extra shipping charges