Chatter Lures SHARK RIG KIT

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Inshore and offshore shark rigs by ChatterLures. Custom Tournament Grade Shark Rigs from Chatter Lures are built right with top quality components and professionally rigged for Big Game Shark Fishing. ChatterLures Traditional Cable Shark Rig Packages are designed with tournament fishing in mind, our design allows you to maximize fishing time. Our battle tested and tournament approved and recommended shark rig packages include:

  • 3 Pocket Lure Bag
  • (3) 9' AFW #400 Cable Leaders with #450 QuickRig Corkscrew Swivel - AFW Cable Crimps - doubled for EXTRA STRENGTH (each of the lure bag pockets includes (1) Cable Leader)
  • All Bite Leaders are pre twisted using #15 AFW Tooth Proof wire and are 4' in overall length.
  • (3) "Naked" bite leaders (top pocket of lure bag)
  • (3) Rattle bite leaders (middle pocket of lure bag)
  • (3) Skirted bite leaders (bottom pocket of lure bag
  • Each leader is hand crafted to ensure Highest standard of quality is met
  • Tournament legal and recommended in NEW YORK STATE (check your state regulations for use of J hooks in tournaments)
  • Mustad 39960 18/0 Cirle Hooks
  • The kits come in a custom mesh lure bag for easy handling and quick drying.

These kits are perfect for Big game shark fishing for targeting; Mako, Threshers, & Blue Sharks!