Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa is inspired by a simple philosophy: "Adventure doesn't make house calls." They're all about the journey and all about the outdoors. So their sunglasses are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions in the wildest of places. For boating, fishing, climbing, surfing and exploring, Costa sunglasses have what it takes to provide the crispest vision, the most comfortable fit and the best protection.

Started by a group of outdoorsmen and hardcore offshore fishermen, Costa initially set out to design a pair of sunglasses that conquered glare, eliminated UV light, and could stand up to all the abuse they could dish out during a day on the water. In 1983, they created that pair of sunglasses along with the company that would take the water sports world by storm – Costa.

Our Costa Del Mar sunglasses are on display in our store only and cannot be sold via our webiste.

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