Nomad Riptide Fast Sinking 4"

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Nomad Riptide Fast Sinking 4" - 9351482010041

Nomad Design Riptide 105 Fast Sinking 4"

The Nomad Design Riptide has the perfect slender bodied profile to imitate pilchards, mullet, sardines, and dozens of other baitfish species. From far offshore to lagoons and freshwater environments, the classic side to side "walk the dog" action of the Riptide is highly effective for just about any predatory species. The Riptide family of stickbaits features nearly every size and application of floating, sinking, and fast sinking lures, each being uniquely weighted and balanced to provide superior casting and action. The HD ABS plastic body is constructed around Nomad Design's Gorilla Through Wire system, making the lure highly durable. All sizes except for the 265mm are fitted with super strong split rings and BKK inline single or treble hooks, allowing the Riptide to be fished straight out of the box with confidence.

  • Color: HGS-Holo/Ghost/Shad