Storm Searchbait 360GT 4.5"

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Storm Searchbait 360GT 4.5" - 039984184505

Storm 360GT Searchbait Bodies 6 Pack Soft Plastic Swimbait

Storm 360GT Searchbait Bodies are soft plastic swimbait bodies designed to serve as replacements for the 360GT Searchbait. While Storm designed them to work with the 360GT Searchbait Jig Head, these are quality swimbait bodies that work well with a variety of jigs and are super easy to rig with a hook rigging channel and exit hole indicated on the body. Throw one on a VMC Spin Jig swimbait underspin jig for some added flash and vibration or use it as a trailer on your favorite skirted jig, buzzbait, or chatter bait; there's really no limit to what you can do with these things. Besides the limitless rigging possibilities the inventive angler may employ, these bodies become excellent searchbaits when paired with the 360GT Searchbait Jig Head. A true multi-species, salt-, fresh-, and brackish water lure, the 360GT Searchbait was designed to help anglers of all skills levels catch all sorts of fish. As a searchbait, it allows you to cover more water, uncovering more fish. And that is just the beginning. Once you locate fish, there's no need to switch your presentation. The 360GT Searchbait has a natural swimming action fish can't refuse thanks to its toe-in boot tail design that ensures incredible action at every speed. Fishing it couldn't be easier, simply cast it out and reel it in with a steady retrieve.

  • Color/Model #: SBB45SGH Smokin' Ghost
  • Size: 4.5"
  • 6 in a pack