Tony Maja Bunker Spoons - #2 Small

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Tony Maja Bunker Spoons #2 Small

A large, heavy-duty spoon for saltwater applications
Particularly effective on large striped bass and bluefish
Use with a wide range of line and even on downriggers
A large, heavy-duty, saltwater spoon you can troll with wire, braid, monofilament and even on downriggers. Constructed of extra-heavy-gauge stainless steel so it'll perform at greater depths with less line or wire. The action is more subtle than other spoons and the 9/0 stainless bucktail hook gives it a more lifelike swimming action to increase your hookup ratio and limits foul hookups. For best results, try trolling this spoon 5 ft. off the bottom or about 5 ft. below schools of baitfish. It mimics large menhaden, a favorite forage of big striped bass and bluefish. Per each. Size #2 Small 14.4oz

Colors: White, Chartreuse, Chartreuse/Green