TGT Bunker Spoons

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Tournament Grade TGT Bunker Spoons

BUNKER SPOONS - Deadly on inshore species. The unique rattling mechanism and two tone powder coating has proven to be a fish catcher. This spoon works in dirty and clean water equally well. The action on this spoon will out fish most others hands down. Take one out for a troll to experience the TGT difference. TGT Bunker Spoons are nothing less than perfection. A combination of Two-Tone Powder Coating, original hook design and an extraordinary rattling mechanism make these spoons deadly.

  • Powder Coated - Nearly an indestructible finish. Stands up to the punishment of toothy fish, rough bottom contours and resists fading.
  • Rattle - Ya don't think a rattle is important? Sound & vibration trigger fish to instinctively attack prey!
  • Eyes - Predator fish are known to hone in on the eyes of prey fish.
  • Teaser Tail - A built in secondary lure. Teaser tails add to the illusion of enhanced action.
  • Hooks - Larger hooks, strategically placed on the body of the spoon where fish tend to strike, resulting in an increased hook up rate!
  • Dual Color - One of a kind idea! This two colored bunker spoon simulates more action, provoking fish to ATTACK!
  • Stainless Steel - Able to provide years and years of continued use.

Sizes:  10.5" - Large, 14" - Horse (X-Large)

Colors: White, Green/White, White/Yellow, White/Green