TSUNAMI/DAIWA Rod/Reel/Braid Combo

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TSUNAMI/DAIWA Rod/Reel/Braid Combo - 400000220499


REEL - DAIWA SEAGATE SGT20H These reels make use of a corrosion-proof composite frame and side plates to house a rugged, work horse gear train. The aluminum spool starts fast but is kept in control by the centrifugal brake system. Seagate is a great, all-around reel at a very reasonable price. Features: Three CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings plus roller bearing, Anodized aluminum spool, Corrosion-proof composite frame, Rugged brass gears, helical-cut for smooth, powerful winding, UT Carbon Drag System, Centrifugal spool brake, Dual system Infinite Anti-Reverse

ROD - TSUNAMI TSSPJC-761XH Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rod The new Trophy Series Conventional Slow Pitch Jigging Rods from Tsunami are constructed with the most modern and durable carbon fiber available! Each ultra-thin profile blank features a compact multi-layer design to deliver power, sensitivity and extraordinary flex under all circumstances. The high density layered blank construction uses Omni-directional scrim at the core for excellent internal hoop strength, resilient unidirectional power, with tip-to-butt fibers for finely tuned actions and unparalleled sensitivity. The result is a light, strong, powerful and sensitive rod which combines proven superior lifting power with fast sensitive blank recovery! Whether used for light tackle or heavy duty applications Trophy Slow pitch rods will balance with today's compact conventional reels for a featherweight outfit that can perform like gear twice its size! Whether you are deep jigging reef fish, pulling tog from an underwater lair, or drifting for summer flounder, these super strong and incredibly sensitive rods will alert you to the lightest pick up or the most violent strike almost before it happens. All models are braid ready with only the best of Fuji components selected for durability and longevity. While they will excel at the new and growing Slow Pitch jigging techniques, Trophy Slow pitch models are versatile enough to take on plenty of other salt water applications and excel in any number of situations.

LINE-Daiwa J-Braid Chartreuse 50lb 175 yards with Berkley Pro Spectra 40lb 20 yards of backing


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